Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Power in Your Thoughts

Morning Meditation

God already gave you the power to make or break your life.  

Your magic is in your breath, your tongue, your mind. 

With those three things you can manifest all of creation - even your own demise.  

Aspire :  from the Latin aspirare from Ad- 'to' + spirare  'breathe.'
Breathe life 

If you'd look to the power of your own mind rather than thinking, blaming, thanking, God as responsible for that touchdown or other fortuitous event - or when unfortunate events take place; you'd take your intuitive power seriously.

You'd take care when thinking your thoughts, speaking your words while breathing life into the very things you do not want.

Breathe life into your passion

 Focus on your desires and the fun, the joy those things will bring to your world.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ouroboros | I eat my own tail

I fly thru so many times zones; I have to leave notes on the nightstand telling me where I am, why I'm there and what day it is.

Living life in the future while simultaneously traipsing the past, resembles one in a fugue state. No meds needed, however, presence is the cure.

Or is it?

Looking to the future with hope and anticipation informs the present. While looking back promises a regret-filled hopelessness.

Tomorrow, we say; tomorrow it will be better.  Like a dog chasing her tail, it eludes us.  Maybe I'll eat better, exercise more; pick up the fight for a cause.

What to-do gets done to-day?  What did tomorrow bring, anyway?  Was it more of the same?  Round and round the clock we go, yet we always end up back at the one.

Maybe it's true, I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of my end.

Walking towards the future, back-pedaling the past; standing in the present. All articles, yet nothing here last. 

I snap out of it. Wake up to find my note. I'm not further than when I started.  

I am nowhere except, that is, Now Here.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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The ego (I) gets a bad rap.

I'm all for strengthening a weak ego but ignoring it, trying to kill it, submerge it, starve it isn't the answer.

We, as Co-creators, have manifested this thing we now identify as the ego (I) in an effort to individuate in this dimension.  

The ego (I); which is the spirit helps us with our earthly mission and purpose. 

Your ego is a product, a creation, a spin off if you will, of the immortal soul, destroy it and you cease to exist in this realm.

You return to THE ONE and your mission is incomplete.

We made the ego real through incarnation and it starts off strong but through life experiences it can become weak.

Therefore, it is not your job to annihilate it, is your job to build it up if it’s beat down so you can get on with your life's mission.

How you do that is up to you, but do not be misled. Losing your Self is not an option –unless it is your mission to not exist. ~MH

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Soul Mates, Goal Mates or Stale Mates

Desire is a powerful aphrodisiac.

 It is what fuels the vision and brings it to fruition in this realm of existence. Desire will make a “rich man weak and knock him off his feet” thinking he has a mighty love – but as the song implies desire is expressed in so many ways  that sometimes it can be the very foundation of deception.  

Case-in-point, my husband may have thought my desire was for him – and in many ways it was but my desire was fueled by the fact that I saw in him my unborn daughters.

Let me back up.  In the 90s, I had a vision.  I wanted more children.  I was on the hunt for superior genes, a man who possessed those genes and was willing to share.   I found him, told him my vision and it became OUR goal. He was so committed to the vision he would keep a cold bottle of Pepsi between his legs when he'd drive. 

In 1991 my vision became our goal and our goal became a reality – we gave birth to twin girls! They are college seniors and are expected graduate next year. (Fingers crossed)

I supposed we could’ve continued our marriage –that is if I came up with a new vision for us– but soon after the twins were born, I had new visions for MY life.  At the time, I didn’t realize I didn’t create visions where I needed a GOAL MATE.  My goals didn’t include my husband.   My desire, the very thing I used to entice this man marry me no longer existed for him. My desire existed for my career as a news anchor-reporter at CBS Network affiliate– my goal:  an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist. 

With my focus on my goals my professional life soared. My personal life suffered and brought me to an arbitrator’s office with me facing my husband on the opposite side of the table –with his lawyer by his side and my lawyer by mine. 

I think, often times a lack of vision and goals is why relationships fail –or never manifest into anything more than “shopping sprees, late night creeps, VIP,  no  mo’ dough,  we can’t even kick it no mo’."

Or maybe some people can sustain a relationship on nothing but “he look good; I want him.”  What I’ve found, however, is without a vision, desire has nothing to fuel – so it produces no goal – which I believe is the definition of lust.  Lust is a longing and it is easy to get distracted and run to the next good-looking man because there’s no goal in place to keep you focused.  

This became clear to me, when my dearly-departed bestie once said to me when I told her about my newest eye-candy;  

“So you want to sleep with him every night and wake up with him every morning but whatcha gonna do with him during the day?”

I was stumped.  I didn’t have an answer.

It is the days that have to be fueled with purpose in an effort to make a life with someone.

If you do make it down the aisle then lack of vision could be why 50 % of most marriages fail.   If the couple’s vision is to have to have a wedding all their desire will fuel that goal.  The marriage will last the time it takes to mail out the last thank-you card.  If the goal is to have children – 6 years max for 3 stair-steps –by the time the first one is school –it’s a wrap. 

Sustainable marriages have multiple layers of visions, which keep generating desire to achieve goals long after the wedding dress and tux fit.   

Or maybe the vision is as simple as a shared love of music and a promise to be each other’s witness to prove each existed.

There’s a video  making its rounds through social media about 95 year-old Fred Stobaugh who lost his wife after 73 years marriage.  

A month after her death Stobaugh entered a song-writers contest.  His only musical skill was a vision –fueled by his desire to let the world know how special his wife was to him. 

Slobaugh entered the contest – and while he didn’t win the grand prize – he achieve his goal.   Singer songwriter  Jacob Colgan put his words to music and now the song "Sweet Lorraine”  produced by Green Shoe Studio is for sale on ITunes.   …

"When Desire fuels a Vision it produces a Goal. Once we achieve our goal– it becomes part of Destiny."

The Thriving Writer  @ melhopkins.com

Friday, January 11, 2013

Unattached. Detachment.Non-Attachment.

the all is one
“Want to know where your heart is; look to where your mind goes when it wanders” – Anonymous

My mind doesn't wander. It soars like a Golden Eagle until it spots its prey. My  choice morsel is a thought from the SOURCE.  

As the thought struggles to free itself from the grip of my talons, I squeeze a bit tighter.

This morning, in effort to get an answer, I decided to meditate.  I wanted to know where my heart was so I could consciously follow it.  

Trying to fight against my heart is a waste of time.  I seek to travel in one direction i.e., mind, body and soul. At least, that's my goal. 

Traditionalists say to meditate let your mind empty of thoughts – but instead I used the time to see what would pop into my mind so I could “hear” what my heart was “telling” me.

I “heard” a few things. 

One that caught my attention made me sad, which was telling in itself. It was, however, the perfect yin to the yang that resonated from a man (I’ll call “Sensei”) who stated, to paraphrase,  he was about push the turbo button on his life.  

One woman’s remarks indicated she fell for the illusion, grounded herself and was left delusional; whereas his remarks seem to reveal he had great insight into the true nature of existence. (Vipassana)
I only know one person who lives flying by the seat of her pants  and that’s me.  Yet, I feel as if I've yet to master my own lifestyle.   When I met him I thought “wow” – let me see what I can learn from him.

Wait some background first –

I believe “romance" is a poor substitution for intimacy.  Yet, from time to time I “fall” under the spell of delusion.  Then, I'm forced to snap myself out of it.

Yes, it's cute for us humans to romanticize our relationships but when we do we fall deeper into delusion.  As I read the saints, sages of antiquity; I understand now there's only one relationship and that is the one with Self. 
I believe in life-long learning.
Learning = awareness, awkwardness, application, assimilation, artistry.
I engage in relationships from the perspective of teacher-student: student-teacher.  As  one of the 19th century sages articulated:

“No man is your enemy; no man is your friend. All alike are you teachers. Your enemy becomes a mystery that must be solved even though it takes ages, for man must be understood. Your friend becomes a part of yourself an extension of yourself, a riddle hard to read; only one thing is more difficult to know is your own heart.” ~Mabel Collins 

I view all intimate relationships as a learning tool.  The curriculum, or course objective, I believe, is for us to remember our true nature. 
Those who come to the planet such as MLK,Jr;  Steve Jobs,  Malcolm X, Yeshua,  Siddhatta Gotama; you see where I’m going with this - they remembered their truth and got right to their business of greatness.   
The rest of us follow each other like sheep until we remember our courage to stand out.

(BTW, Sheep are quite intelligent.  Intellectually and intuitively, however,  they know they’re prey animals.  They stay together because standing out for them is certain death). 
 When, I saw “Sensei’s” remarks it resonated with me.  He was about to blast off into the ozone – but not with the intention of leaving “everything” behind – because there is no such animal.   You can’t leave behind what is within you.  What is within is LOVE.  We can't separate from it.  

“My Brother Lee used to sign off with "LOVE is LOVE" to me and everyone in his world. It was a message I couldn't quite comprehend. 
Then on one of my flights, Amir, an airplane mechanic, told me and another flight attendant –“to look into the nature of LOVE and understand it will drive you insane."
I agreed. LOVE is quite a force to reckon with and when you share it with another it will put you under a spell.  Therefore, in the presence of another, you must continuously keep your gaze on LOVE –for if you look away even for a second, the world around you will shatter.

LOVE is LOVE means that is all there is. LOVE is Truth.  
“By Jove, I think she’s got it.”

I "signed" up for his course with intention of learning something about detachment – but that wasn't quite the mark. 

The lesson is non-attachment and it is a concept that I already know. In fact, I know this lesson so well I can teach the course.  

I needed to view an example from a distance to see its application.  Often spending time in the "world" and witnessing a false dichotomy can cause one to fall under the spell of delusion.  

Non-attachment is not un-attachment.  Non-attachment isn't even detachment.  

It is non-attachment– and the theory is simple.   We are separate from no-thing.

So there's my answer.  
I am one with my mind, body, and heart. My mind doesn't wander it soars but I'm glad it returned to the DIVINE.  For I remember...

"the all is one" 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

N-O : The Two-Letter Word that Packs a Punch

by Frederick E. Perl 

I laugh when people bump up against my boundaries if for no other reason than their reaction to my response :  

Most people look like I've bitch-slapped them when I say 


especially those who are used to hearing 'yes' from me most of the time.  

I tend to be an easy-going, "purple-people-pleaser" 

(Shout out to Sheb Wooley! I don't even know why that came to mind)   
who says "yes" to a lot of things.  There comes a time, however,  when "yes" is inappropriate - and it is when I say "No"...  It isn't a set-up.  I didn't say "yes" all those times so I could pack a  wallop with "No"... 

It's not being "mean";  "discourteous"; "selfish"; "egregious" or some other word for uncooperative but rather  I'm just saying "No" .

"No" isn't offensive."No" isn't  an affront to your being. "No"  simply means I'm enough and I don't have to do what I don't want to just to please you.    

In an era of social media networking saying "No" is especially necessary.

People want to share things with you that you may not like.  People read your thoughts everyday and they feel as if they know you well enough to ask of you anything.

In the age of social media it may even be difficult to want to talk on the phone.

Think about it, what do we mostly see, read and hear?  People talking about themselves.  Hell I'm talking about me right now. The last thing anyone wants to hear is someone talk about themselves or others on the phone too.


Now, I reserve phone time for my mother and children.   Unless someone really needs an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on then it is a "yes".  A Yes only after I filter whose calls I'll take by first reading their initial thoughts. 

So with all these  "Nos" what do I say yes to?  Well I took a page out Dr. Brene Brown's book.

I say 'yes' to who and what brings me joy...  I make "No" apologies about it either.  I say "yes" to what I like.

I'd like to believe I have forever here on this planet and maybe I do but I don't think I have  forever in this body. Therefore, I want to make time for what I want to do and enjoy.   

Spending time doing a lot of things I really have "No" time for makes "No" sense to me.  

If you've read up to this point; Thank you for your time.

I have one more thing to share. If you find that you too are a "purple-people-pleaser" who always says "Yes" but are inspired to take back your life by adding in a few "Nos" when appropriate, then know this; people while find all types of way to make you wrong for saying "No". Ignore it.  

Maybe one will say you didn't say "No" nicely as one woman once told my co-worker.  Someone might say - you don't have the common courtesy to say "No" in private rather than in public.   Another might say you owe him or her... 

Understand this, every time you say "No" to someone what you are really saying is YES to you... Be easy.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lovers' Gyre...

Don Juan in Hell (Part 2)
There was this one episode of Frasier “Don Juan in Hell” - Part Two, where all his past loves come back to “haunt” him – sort of like “ghost of girlfriends past”– and he being at the crux of his journey they all seemed to come back to help him acknowledge the challenge/issue that he continues to repeat that dooms his relationships…

 I was thinking about my own gyre of past lovers Thursday evening as I was leaving the airport.  Then my ex-husband called.  His call reminded me that my past loves have been showing up in record numbers of late.  
I think they have something to tell me…
Have you ever noticed before you go through a paradigm shift… “ghosts” from your past visit?

Do you remember the lesson(s) they brought you? Were you able to move on with your life?
Aside: Ghosts teaching a lesson via visitation isn't a new concept.  I first read about in "A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  I’m starting to think maybe Charles Dickens didn’t have a great imagination but rather he just paid attention to life. 

Frasier finally learned what was preventing him from having a successful long term relationship... Once he understood his motivation for sabotaging his past relationships -  he was able to escape his personal gyre of lovers, move in front of it and into his future... (c) 2012 MH