Friday, June 17, 2011

DTM: Livin' La Vida Loca

There's A little known film "Just Go with It” out on DVD this week starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.  It is a story about man pretending to be married so he can meet single women.  Eventually the lie backfires on him and I guess hilarity ensues - who knows? I didn't see it and neither nor did much of America.  The film barely made back its budget.

I wonder, however, if the film would have been a blockbuster hit if the producers used the plot from this TRUE STORY I heard on my flight this past weekend...

In the case of art intimating life with twist, my flying partner who is Gay told me his Black friend has taken a wife to hide the fact he is also Gay. To be Gay in the Black community, apparently is a fate worse than death. So this Black man decided it is better to be on the “Down Low” and married to a woman.

What's the twist you ask?  Well duh, his wife is imaginary.  That's right, this man has set up house with an invisible woman. Yep! He wears a wedding ring, after work he goes home to his "wife", plans vacations and I'd even venture to say he has even added her to his health insurance, listed her as his beneficiary on  his , 401 k and more... Yes it goes that deep.

I have one question; if he's caught cheating do you think he'll tell the truth about the imaginary wife or his down-low lifestyle?   Which one will he confess to?  

If you were living his life, what lie would you reveal?

Note: DTM = Doing Too Much

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