Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm not working on my PhD in Negrology, So

I had to convince myself to stop wasting time trying to correct wrongheaded Groupthink phraseology I see on the 'Net.  

Sometimes, however, when I visit web sites where The Group (Negroes, Negresses) and black people gather, I have to shut the lid to my notebook, run for the duct tape and wrap it up.   

Once I've deemed it safe, I then wonder; who the f-ck is teaching this isht in our public schools?  

Now don't get me wrong;  eff it, get me wrong, if you choose but I also have Negress tendencies which is why I recognize it when I see it on display.   I, too, used to sit around the barbecue pit, wide-eyed, listening to King N'er tales but when I could no longer suspend disbelief, I had to research.  

Research:  To gather data and/or information from several independent sources in an attempt to obtain facts to reach a viable conclusion.   Antonym: Groupthink 

Ok so what had my brain oozing out of my ears and eyes this time?  It was the responses to a MadameNoire article about women taking the lead in dating.  Allegedly the op-ed was written by a man named "The Manifesto” I guess he doesn't want to attach his government name to his articles for fear of the backlash, but I digress.   The Group "liked” upwards of 30 times, comments that contained: 

"Men are hunters and women are gatherers - so it's best for a man to go after the woman because a man knows what he wants."  

Lawdhadmercy, lawdhahmercy...

There were three things that screamed ignorance in those statements

1.     Both men and  women were  both hunters and gatherers in the Paleolithic era (Stone age) (Towards the end of this era and afterwards we were mostly farmers, preservers and stored stuff)
2.     Women don't know what they want so they should wait for someone to tell them? 
3.     Men know WHAT they want and that's fine - but WHO is an interrogative/relative pronoun that refers to human beings.  Women are WHO so it doesn't apply.  Ok so I'm splitting hairs here but you do realize the WHAT means a woman is an object and that is how some men view women AND that is how some women view themselves as - objects for 'sale'.  For me, this is problematic because what is in our hearts spill from our lips.

Now it's no secret that I believe in equal rights for humans and equal pay for equal work ...i.e., feminism (yes that is another term that eludes The Group)   Feminism, a political term,  however, doesn't play a part in woman asking a man out on a date."  

The psychosocial stage we are dealing with here is maturity.  Yes, being a mature adult means YOU are responsible for YOUR life. If you want to get married you seek out a man whose intentions are similar. If you want to just kick it, you seek out the same...but YOU do the choosing for YOU.


Groupthink doesn't allow for individual responsibility.  Therefore a woman asking a man out on a date to get to know if she wants to pursue a relationship with this man means she is taking responsibility for herself.    Gawdfo'bid she do that because it will mean :gasp: she will leave The Group.  Oh No!  She might even join those Black people who actually take responsibility for their success, failures and struggles...

Stop the madness! We can't have one of The Group taking responsibility for herself, now can we?  Shoot, we just might lose her and have another independent self-sufficient woman who is apparently the cause of the breakdown of the "Negro family structure"...

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