Monday, June 27, 2011

Moment 4 Life

‎"'Cause everybody dies but not everybody lives" 

What is your moment? 

If you were to die right now, what is your moment 4 life?  Would the world remember you for your one moment? 

Or would we easily forget you were here?

For most of us, the answer to latter is, "Yes". We'd be forgotten. But not everyone plays it quiet.  Some of us do glorify THE ALL with our life by actually living out loud.

My high school alumni, Lorenzo Charles, passed away in a bus crash today
While many of us, his friends and family, may have different memories of him, 
his life was immortalized in buzzer-beater alley-oop dunk to win the 1983 
NCAA  Championship for his school, NC State University...[TC:2:36/Buzzer Shot]

While I mourn Lorenzo's death his "Moment 4 life" was an example 
to us all....yep even us underdogs...

"Get in the game. If you get the ball; dunk that bitch for the Win"

Photo Credit: Athlon Sports 
Rest In Love, LC

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