Sunday, July 3, 2011

What the F-ck Were You Thinking?

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“When you look at the future it changes.” ~Nicolas Cage in “Next “
Cage’s character could see 2 minutes into his future.  His experience revealed to him every time he saw his future it changed. 

I thought of the paranormal-action-thriller this weekend when I met up with two flight attendants, both who are vested in the future, one trying her best to live there.   

The other flight attendant prepares for the future while she lives in the present. 

For example, when flight plans changed, she seized the moment, assessed the situation and addressed it.  The other flight attendant panicked and tried to her best to wrangle all the possible scenarios and outcomes.  Yes, it was a true time-waster.

Both of the flight attendants are financial investors, one admitted her future is tied to the market performance and she pays close attention to its daily fluctuations. She’s not concerned with the shenanigans playing out on Capitol Hill regarding the debt ceiling – and we both agreed since the market closed up before holiday – neither is Wall Street.  Instead, I get the sense she watches, waits and prepares today for what she chooses for tomorrow.

The other distributes about 15-25% of her pay check into her 401K and Roth IRA.  She says she envies those who don’t have to work or barely work today.  She hopes in her future she won’t have to work either. 

I paired up with these folks, I suppose, in effort to receive some cosmic message especially after a third flight attendant joined our trio on Saturday.  He is also looking for future financial returns.  He is selling a network marketing product and made the sales pitch during our three-and-half hour flight to DC. He seems to believe his future success depends on the choices others may make.  

I got a lot of messages from these angel-encounters (I call them angel-encounters because Flight Attendants have wings) but the one message that resonates with me now is this: 

We only have control over one thing; how we “Think”. 

I've read this message from so many gurus and philosophers; it seems almost cliché. Today, I’m looking at from another angle, sort of like a remix to get a fresh perspective.  
 “I think therefore I AM” Rene Descartes + “As a man thinketh so shall he be” (proverbs 23:7) = I AM WHAT I THINK and “WHAT I THINK creates my world”
Aside: The last part I realized when I shared with the flight attendant, who has one foot in the future, my dislike for flying on certain types of planes.  I learned plotting with those types of folks is to form an unholy alliance.  The very short time we spent in agreement talking about what we disliked brought that very thing into fruition the next day. 

Yep it manifested out of thin air, so to speak, and we had to fly on it. 

All this brings me to this; if it is true THE ALL created humans in THE ALL’s Image then THE ALL empowered us with CHOICE. 

CHOICE, therefore, is our superpower and it is through our choosing how we color our world.   

This is exactly what Nicolas Cage found out towards the end of the movie.   Not only did he have the gift of seeing his future (deja vu) he learned once he saw it, his choices (decisions), not some outside force, could change his future and everything that could occur in his immediate ‘world’.   

I must add for clarity, I began this holiday weekend dealing with money-issues; wondering how I got myself into such a financial bind.  

Now I know…”I wasn’t thinking.”

How we think leads to preparation.  Preparing for what we desire causes us to focus. Focus leads to manifestation. Bonus points: A partner who will agree with you.

If every time you look at the future it changes and but not for the better; ask yourself, “What the f-ck was I thinking?”  

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