Saturday, September 24, 2011

Televangelist = Evil's Agent Television?

Photo Credit: Derek the Cleric
It wasn't yelling or moaning that woke me up at 330 Friday morning. It was a televangelist testifying on the CW network that sounded the alarm.  

I have a habit of falling asleep to soft talking from the television. It's my version of the sleep cocktail - thumb-sucking and stroking a blanket.

Unfortunately, the same thing that puts me to sleep is the same thing that wakes me up and Friday was no different.

What was different, however, is not only did I keep the TV on; I watched and listened to the televangelist.  I felt so blessed after watching his spiel oops, I mean testimony, and I swear if I had a credit card I would have been in the 300 he was summoning to send him $1000.00  

Normally, I would be offended by someone asking for money for what I believe should be free to you and me but not this time.  Instead, I was moved by the sermon, I wanted others to hear his message and be blessed by it.  

I rationalized it would be money well spent.  I know it isn't cheap to broadcast commercial-free on television.  I worked in TV.  Spots, as they are called in broadcasting, are expensive.  I imagined how much a one and half hour of commercial free television preaching must be and I wanted to support the ministry.   

I wanted to send money because I felt blessed mostly by what I heard. I felt the televangelist fed my mind and nourished my soul.   I felt invincible and I wanted others to be so empowered.  

I didn't have the $1000 but I wished I did.  I would've sent it without hesitation. Yes, even if it was my last dollar.   I also felt blessed because in that moment I walked in my brother and sister's shoes.

Prior to Friday morning, I never understood why people would pay for a financial blessing.  I never understood tithing in a church that had no outreach ministry.  I never felt it necessary to pay for someone's ministry.  Now I understand.   Blessing those who bless you lifts you up.

I don't think I will start sending money to random televangelists.  I do know, however, why others do it - and a wider perspective is a driver of wisdom. ~MH   

Post Script: Check the comment box for Mike Murdock's message.

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