Sunday, October 16, 2011

Long Nights, Slow Mornings...

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See that title up ^ there ^?

I snatched it from one of my buddies. His quote came in response to a facetious comment I made when I just didn't feel like cosigning to his words of wisdom.

Sometimes, I have to be contrary to unearth the jewels.

In his obvious concern for my well-being, he nudged me to heed his words; to which I responded:

 "That was my point!  Keep up, man".   
 It clicked for him that I was being silly and he charged his "dimness " to the aforementioned:   

"Long Night, Slow Morning".   

I immediately snatched up those words and made them my own. Not only did those words sound sexy to me, they also resonated with my soul.   I imagined all types of activities that would make for a long night.  

Hell, I've participated in my own long nights which made for some very difficult and really slow mornings. This, however, wasn't why the words resonated with me.

The why wasn't immediately clear...

Then it was.

His words reminded me of Psalms 30:5. More specifically it reminded me of the Edwin Hawkins Singers song "Joy, Joy" where the hook goes like this   "Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.”

After those long, long nights of weeping, bumping around in the dark just to find your way, I can testify Joy, indeed, DOES come in the morning.

Yet before the dawn there will be a "slow morning" the period of mourning we must experience to grieve what we've left behind.

As you wake up to the realization that you're free of your past, free of those things that would harden your heart without supernatural intervention  you may be unsure of your footing in the present, let alone what steps to take in the future.

Trust that it will come to you. What ever you do, don't look back!

Keep moving forward lest you be tempted to get back in bed with your demons as the old proverb suggest.

"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't"

Look at the word "devil”.  If you really study it, you'll see devil is "lived” spelled backwards. You're not dead, you've survived and The Christ Consciousness has risen that now that resides in you.

Get up and get moving; for

"No man sees his shadow who faces the sun" ~Proverb

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