Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Your Story?

Photo Credit: "The Far Side" by Gary Larsen 
I was all set to write a "woe-is-me" post about how I wasn't the lead actor in my own life and instead I play bit parts in other people's lives and when "they" choose to write me out; I'm just left dangling in the breeze.

I was even ready to go low and write about my "domineering" mother who  "played" the role of "matriarch" relegating me to a mere "surrogate"...

Oh yeah, I can go there and have you giving the side-eye to your own "mommy dearest" 

Then I was gearing up for the big inspirational finish with the ole faithful - line that is sure-to-please:

"I'm going to turn over the pen to THE ONE and G-D will write my story from now on"...

Except I think THE ONE foresaw this episode.  I even think it was an encore performance.  

THE ONE saw fit to preempt the presentation too.  It was no later than yesterday I fed a few motivational words of wisdom/life-lessons to my daughter regarding J-LO's meteoric rise back to the top of the music charts and product endorsements...

Well I don't hear myself talk so I missed it. 

And just as I was about to dig into my Pity-Party-Post and get all emotional I saw this tweet: 

"my mum just schooled me about this yesterday: plot your life (& make others watch your story) 

Although the article is about Sister Kim K; I'm reminded of J-Lo who was the master of the "runaway bride" media pitch.   Now add positioning to the list as a result of J-Lo taking the American Idol gig in 2011. Add those together and  J-Lo quickly becomes one of the savviest media women in the US.

She couldn't get a bigger audience in such a short period of time than sitting in Judge of AI.   J-Lo was even able to make us remember she was the "Beyonce" styled diva when Bey was still with Destiny's child.   

Then J-Lo's signature public break-up this time with her husband, Mark Anthony worked in her favor; especially since he was accused of cheating with one half of America's Sweetheart  Jada Pinkett Smith.   

Say What???? 

Mark Anthony even got his sexy back - getting up close and personal with Mrs. Smith on HawthoRNe, only to later catch a game with Mr. Will Smith 

.Stop it, Stop it, Stop it

America was rapt and we empathized with the put upon mother and cheated on wife J-Lo  

And isn't Mr. Ex J-Lo ,Mark Anthony promoting his own album AND a cologne too?    

Chile Puh-lease, everybody likes a good juicy story. 

J-Lo and Kim K seem to get that and both have made "the razzle dazzle" into an art form.

If I'm going to whine about anything it's going to be about not THINKING BIGGER.   

Even I'm bored with my current story arc.  The characters lack luster, the setting is boring and the ending too predictable.

Instead, you, me, heck we all should be living the life that if it were a book we wouldn't want to put it down.    So I ask again, "What's your story?"  If people are talking about you: Keep up the good work.

If you find yourself talking about other people; go hire yourself a ghostwriter.  You need a new story.  

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