Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You can't spell Teamwork without T-W-O

One of the "perks" of working as a Flight Attendant is I'm lucky enough to "meet the world."   Contrary to popular belief, however, passengers are for the most part quite lovely.  Therefore, it is rare for me to encounter A-Hole on one of my flights.  

(Aside: I never realized why we compare some people to an anus but I guess it has to be its ability to pass shyt on us. Hmm, some derogatory terms are on point. )    

If I had to come up with a statistic, I would guess maybe 1 in 4 flights produces an A-hole. Ok maybe not so rare.   I had four flights on my last assignment and I encountered one in what I will call the 'Tea Incident'.

Me:  Sir, would you like a beverage?
Mr. 24E: Yes I would. What is the cost of hot tea?
Me:  Oh Sir, our beverages are complimentary
Mr. 24 E: I would like a hot tea
Me:  How do you take it?
Mr. 24 E: With milk, please.
I poured milk first, followed by hot water and I gave it to him along with a tea bag.  Before he puts the tea bag in the hot water he decides, in his words the tea will be “dreadful" because it won't get dark enough.
Mr. 24E: How much milk did you put in this? - this won't do.
Me: I covered the bottom.
Now really would that matter if he doesn't like it anyway? No, it will not but he asks so that I might feel incompetent.  
Mr. 24E: I only take a drop of milk.
A normal person would mention that before a hostess pours the milk. Unfortunately this man is starring in his own drama game.   I just refuse to play a supporting role.

I hand him another tea bag which he says he’s sure it "will not suffice". By the time I am serving two rows back he rings his call button to demand a new tea.  

I left him to my flying partner.

We flight attendants will hand off a passenger to each other so fast that we can teach Bears QB Jay Cutler a thing or two about getting rid of the ball.     

When I tell one of my "passengers" stories the first thing someone will say is "I don't know how you deal with those people."   

How I deal with my passengers is how I deal with everyone.  I won't and don't participate in their drama games.   

So imagine learning I've been inviting people into my life to play a supporting role in helping me sabotage my own goals of success.  I won't bore you with the details of how I arrived at this conclusion. Maybe I'll write it in a motivational book but I believe when you are ready to hear how you are blocking your way it will become crystal clear.  

Here is my shout-out from the Universe: 

I was leaving the domicile (flight crew office) and on the other side of the door I saw a group of pilots. The door swings in so I waited a moment to see if they were going to open the door.  I find them looking at me.  None of them had the code.  I could release the door from my side but if I did I was going through first. They continued to look at me so I released the door and proceed to go through. One of the pilots blocked me to hold open the door for his comrades and says, 

"I'm holding the door for you all"  
I say, "While you are holding me back!"  

Another quick-thinking smart-mouthed pilot says "It's called Teamwork”! 

Summabytch, I thought while I was walking it through the door.  

As I waited for the elevator my life flashed and it became so clear...as clear as one of my recent tweets:

"Your ideal life is defined by your desires.  Living it is defined by your choices"

Sometimes our choices mock our desires.  

We dream big but maybe we feel unworthy of achieving them. 

Maybe an airline offering a complimentary beverage was beyond Mr. 24 E's expectation. Maybe free tea had to be "undrinkable" in order for him to maintain his perspective of what his life is compared to how delightful it could be...  

As for me, I've decided I'm going to celebrate my teammates who push me closer to my goals of success.

 And those team members who have helped me sabotage my ideal life...  
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