Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Your World, Work it!

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"Most of us live pedestrian lives",  

I told my bff during one of our phone conversations.   

I think of my own life.  I think of my daughters' lives and I think we are doing "the least".  

I went to college, got a job in my field, and got married. I gave birth to three beautiful daughters.    
I raised them.  They went to (or are now going to) college. One daughter is a 2nd year law student.  They have jobs.  They live in their own apartments. 

By society's standards the aforementioned is considered above average. In comparison to our gifts, however, none of this is an earth quaking /glass-shattering event.   

In fact, like most people I know we are all doing "the least".  It is as if we all have this little list of things we say we'll accomplish and when we do - we say:  

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"Look at me, world. Look at what I've done!" 

I want to say, “Do you want a sticker, because really you haven’t done much.  Someone already did the same thing to a greater or lessor degree of success. 

The only thing that differentiates these activities is how much money we've made in comparison to the next person who did the same thing.   


If there is a goal of life, surely it can't be to die with the most money.  

Can it?

Dying with the most money isn’t a consolation especially when we are actually imitating another's life.  It seems a bit bizarre that we have these incredible powers of creativity, yet we are forgers of past lives."  

As I was ending my diatribe, my bff said:
"We don't identify our own realm of greatness.

That is it, isn't it? I thought.  We get on this path forged by countless others without ever stopping to think maybe there's some path that we are supposed to create.  We never stop to think maybe there is a:

Realm of Greatness

But what does that look like?

What IS this "realm of greatness"?  

Does our realm of greatness exist within society or is it our own creation of a personal universe? Does this realm of greatness orbit earth like a satellite?  Who defines what greatness is in this so-called realm?

Merriam-Webster delivers up "Kingdom" as the definition of "Realm".  
The word origin reveals “control".  Hmm, create a Greatness that is within our (my) control.   

So is this our goal in life, I pondered.  

Well then, why is this life quest so very rare, I wondered?

No, this post isn't about the meaning of life, either. 

I get the meaning of life is an ongoing quest of evolution.  We've been on this track since the X-chromosome broke off part of itself and made a Y-chromosome for what seemed like a more efficient attempt at reproduction.  

Great so does evolution mean you must give up part of yourself to achieve greatness (or efficiency?)  

If so what part?

Wait.  Back up.  This post IS about the meaning of life and how we are stuck yet again. This time it seems, however, we are experiencing a metaphysical “bottleneck" in evolution. 

Geneticists report that more than 70,000 years ago we humans were almost extinct due to 6-years of volcanic activity which changed the landscape for the next 1000 years.  Physically speaking we couldn't feed ourselves, procreate and/or fight off disease. Scientists estimate there were about 15,000 humans left on the planet as a result and we humans were at the precipice of extinction.  

"We" fought back to survive and the way we did it was to give up our sole identity as one ethnic group to diversify into the "rainbow coalition" we have here today.  

University of Illinois Professor Stanley Ambrose advocates in the Journal of Human Evolution we mutated our DNA in an effort to give ourselves a fighting chance at life. 

We changed so we could have 'everlasting' life.

It worked.  Today there are almost 7 billion of us on the planet. Even though we are great in numbers, I get the feeling that we are again at the precipice of extinction.  

Economists tell us there aren’t enough resources to maintain 7 billion people on this planet.  In fact, here in the US, politicians tell us there aren't even enough jobs to put all the unemployed people to work.  

Or maybe none of it is true. Once again maybe we hold the key to bring us back from the edge of the abyss.  

In his comprehensive book "Thinking and Destiny" author Harold W. Percival puts forth a theory  that  we actually have every thing that we need inside of us to sustain us.  

He believes in order to access the key we'll have to give up our "sight" so to speak in order to "see".  He believes we've become so accustomed to using the part of our mind that only allows us to see obstacles that we will never see solutions.  

In addition to seeing solutions, we may even begin visualize our 

“Realms of Greatness”

To be honest, when I pushed myself to envision what my realm might look like I came up empty.  

It seemed so simple when G-D did it in 7 days.  G-D started with Light and ended with rest. 

Yet I’m stuck at “In the beginning…”  

Try it for yourself.  Design your world.  What is in your realm of greatness?  

Remember anything goes, you’re the creator.

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