Friday, November 4, 2011

Lost in WhoVille

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One of the first things I read this morning was a tweet “I'll let myself go".  My first thought "Who" is doing the holding and "Who" is this “Who" holding"?   

The next thing I read was the headline and caption from an article a FB friend shared with me from  

It was about some Dallas rapper who wears thights (I guess that is supposed be thigh-high tights) and lipstick.  He wanted to know what I thought about the lipstick thights wearing man.  

I don't know. What could I say?  I don't know him. I probably wouldn't judge him if I did.    

I wrote: 

I'll pass on commenting on other folks and the things they do...I've been reading this mammoth of a book "Thinking and Destiny" that is confirming to me that none of us are living up to our true potential THE CREATOR bestowed on us ...It just feels weird to talk about anyone's path especially with all the wisdom I have I still can't pull myself out of the muck and mire..

I then took the opportunity to ask my friend about his life.   I inquired as to whether he married his baby-mama yet or had he married his girlfriend. At least that was on his mind last we spoke.   

Since our eyes see out and not in, it is much easier to see and talk about what other folks are doing or not doing.  This activity reminds me so much of “before I remove the spec out of your eye I must first remove the board from my own eye." 

This brings me back to this “let yourself go”.  It seems to me when we say this phrase it is related to indulging desires and honoring our feelings.  

When you think about the phrase carefully as opposed to casually, however, you have to determine if there is someone within "you" that is holding "you" back from indulging those desires and feelings?  If so "who" is it and why does this entity have the controls? 

Who is it that we speak of when we say "I" let (allow) "My" "Self" go... 

Who is "I?" 
Who is "My" that seems to be "Me" possessing self
Who is "Self" 

And why was the "I" holding "My" & “Self” hostage in the first place?  Once you break down this statement it seems as if there is a trinity present that we never seem to acknowledge. Yet we speak of these three knowingly and intimately. 

Do we know who me, my self, really are?

We are so busy trying to figure out what makes other people tick and what they are doing that we ignore ourselves completely.  

I used to think we weren't human doings yet we operate as doers but never stopped to question why?   Meanwhile the other two; me and self are being - but I is doing while holding them hostage.    

Once we get through the dress-up make-believe stage; I wonder what would happen if we really let our self go completely who we would be.


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