Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who Gives You The Right?

Photo credit: You are a soul
WHAT gives you the right to enter into my world and  make demands on my time? How have you paid for this luxury? By gassing me up telling me how great I am?  Preaching to the choir always seemed like a waste of time to me.

WHEN did you become the arbiter of my life; my existence? Are you ready to carry me the rest of the way and make me happy since you desire to take away my ability to do me?

WHERE is it written that you  can  make changes to how I communicate with the world?  I submit to no one but my G-D and at last check G-D gave me free will to choose life.

WHY is it that you who can barely handle external events in your small world attempt to take on the herculean task of balancing mine? 

HOW can I take you seriously when what you covet from me you don't recognize in yourself? 
Be what you seek and what you seek will always be yours.   

As for me,

I choose THE HIGH life and I didn't get THE DIVINE memo to detour from my path.  So if you can't find a way to get on; you need to step off..

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  1. Sometimes your own words are your best counsel...