Friday, March 2, 2012

To Dance at the Waterfall's Edge

Photo Credit: Waterdamageout
My apartment is 700 square feet.  I imagine the apartment above mine is about 700 square feet too. 
So can you tell me how you can run bathwater but forget about it and have it overflow into the apartment below? You can’t help but hear it. The apartment isn’t that large!  
What the heck are you doing that you don't remember you are running water for the bath that you take approximately the same time every night? 
I’ll tell you what you are doing – You’re thinking about – you’re day-dreaming about the life you wish you had and not what you’ve created that compels you to take a bath at the same time every night. 

That thing you’ve created is called a routine.  The last time I checked in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary “life” is not synonymous with “routine.”   In an effort to escape the routine my neighbor created a waterfall that spilled over into my life…

Yes, I have a life – and having a life doesn’t come cheap but it is worth all that it cost.
Photo Credit: SeekExtreme
Conventional wisdom warns us not to “chase waterfalls” and I think it’s because we pay dearly for having a life.  
A life cost us vulnerability; self- acceptance;  ridicule; loneliness; exasperation; courage; pretentiousness; shunning; poverty;  all those things that make us feel something, anything including “ALIVE”–but I digress.    

I left my residence and went to my neighbor’s apartment – for a visit.  
No one answered the door.
Maybe my neighbor just wished that someone would actually acknowledge her existence.  

I did. 

I then returned to my life and cleaned up his desire. 

I spent a better part of an hour chasing her waterfall, Thursday night.  Friday, I spent the morning washing and drying towels.  Now I have clean towels, dry bins, and I am more aware as a result.

I realize that some of us are so afraid to feel anything that we spend most of our life, dead.   A routine keeps us safe.  A routine is also perfect for sleeping-walking in a catacomb such as this apartment building.  Note: catacomb IS synonymous with mausoleum.

A routine makes us perfect for extras in show “The Walking Dead”.  Not the Survivors though because they are busy doing a balancing act between survival and their humanity. 
This brings me to the moral of this story. 
To live you must have balance – and finding your balance requires LOVE at your foundation. 

And that is the conundrum of life my fellow travelers; with balance you won’t need to create or chase waterfalls, you can dance at the waterfalls’ edge and with grace. 

Photo Credit: Egregores


  1. I just love how you find lessons in every situation :)

  2. :) :big smile: I read or heard once our universe is a gigantic mirror reflecting our personal truths back at us. I believe if it captures your attention, there's a lesson in it.