Monday, April 30, 2012

Game Over

We've all heard the scenario of grown men sitting on their couch hunched over playing video games wasting precious moments of their lives.  

Some extreme gamers have played themselves to death such as the Taiwanese man who was found dead in a computer cafe, in Tapei, after 23 hours of straight gaming this past February.  His family said he had a bad heart.  His condition was most likely exacerbated due to extended video game playing.Gamers seated next to him continued playing long after he had expired.  

Video gaming is that serious, I guess. 

Now If I'm honest with myself, however, I'd realize I'm also guilty of the same activity. But instead of joysticks and characters on a screen, I engaged real life 'actors' to play in scenes from my drama game that are snatched from my real life experience. What's worse for the players is I already know they are going to lose because I wrote the script for the game so I know how it ends.  One thing I didn't know, however, was when it was going to end until it did. 

Sort of like for the Taiwanese man, it was

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just like that.

The game I'd been playing since the 80s was a wrap in the amount of time it took me snap out of my slumber. I have to admit though I had a little help ending it thanks to a dream I had early Saturday morning.

To understand the power of a dream to solve our challenges we first have to understand that our life is nothng more than a dream that resides in our subconscious.

Our life activates when our conscious mind is at rest. Yes, when we sleep our lives come into focus.   

I was reminded of my "game" on Saturday morning when during my dream my personal system engineer activated and told me I had an open file. I wasn't quite sure what to do with this file - nor did I know how to close it.

Before I could take any action, however the file's namesake called me and asked,

"What can I do for you."

"My system attendant told me your file was open."

I stuttered through my response shocked that he knew to call me. 

"Why do you have my file," he asked.

I really had no idea why I had his file but the fact that he was so calm clued me he was co-creator in the drama game I thought I created on my own.  This was my first real chance to identify him as my psychic stalker too. 

"I don't know. It could be because you're on my team - or I'm on your team. I'm not sure who is supervising who but I got the call your file is still open." Again I stumbled through my explanation.

"What ever you need me to do I will do it. You know all you ever have to do is call me and I will be there." He assured me.

My phone rang waking me up from the dream.  It was my oldest daughter on the other end telling me she had arrived at her destination.  I relayed the dream to my daughter and she didn't think much of it.  When I started to write about it, the mother of all video games came to mind.
"Shall we play a game?" ~WarGames (1983)
The aforementioned quote is probably the most famous line from the 1983 movie "WarGames".

Photo Credit: WarGames

Of all movies I've featured on this blog this one goes right in the Daily Mindf-ck "Hall of Fame" because it is the epitome of a mindf-ck if there ever was...
Longstory short; WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) is a US Military supercomputer programmed to launch nuclear missiles without human assistance. System engineers believed people didn't have the stomach or guts to actually launch missiles that could wipe out humanity...(Ya think..)

An artificial intelligence expert also wrote code so that WOPR would  create various engagement scenarios in effort to teach itself how to handle the real event should the US find itself on the brink of World War III.

Unfortunately WOPR comes in contact with teenage hackers who unknowingly engage it in a war game. I wrote unfortunately because unbeknowst to the teenage hackers, WOPR or "Joshua", as it is affectionately known, is playing war games with the hacker that appear real to the US military. Military officials believe the Soviets (it's the 80s -the Cold War with Russia didn't end until 1991) are planning to launch a mass nuclear attack. Now remember humans cannot override the missile launch.  Therefore it is up to the computer "Joshua"  to figure out a winning strategy in its nuclear strike.

The computer figures out through a series of situational games that no one can win a nuclear war and the computer is programmed to win. Therefore"Joshua" concludes the only winning move is to not to play. Game Over. Everyone wins.

Photo Credit: Anxiety Culture
And that is how I think I snapped out of my personal drama game.

In effort to close 'his' file, I figured I had to shut down this live action game that is designed for no one to win.  

It was a role playing game where I place myself in the victim role; I selected a man with similar traits of my "open-file" guy including him being triangulated and then I put him in the position of  the "rescuer".  
Whatever has the "player" triangulated I use that person, place or thing as my opponent/persecutor.
No matter how this scenario plays out the man always chooses (with my help) the person, place, thing that has him triangulated. This means he can't  possibly rescue me so I remain forever the victim. 

Game Over:  Push Start to Begin Again.

This was the situation I was in with my "open file" guy way back in the mid 80s. Some women play their drama game out with their father's prototype in the role of the rescuer who never comes - but I got stuck playing countless hours of my "video" game after the tumultuous affair with my "open file" guy never advance to the next level. We just kept going around in a revolving door. 

Instead of waiting for him to "rescue" me, I left the scenario and I got married.  Although he has always been there for me when I called it is never enough. He is not in the position to "rescue" me.  So for the next few decades I sought a new "players"  to fill his role as rescuer.  Except I chose for each new "player" to fail miserably like he did. 

That was then. (Up until Saturday)

Today, I , like "Joshua" choose to play a more rewarding game such as maybe honing my skills as a video game scriptwriter.

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