Monday, April 2, 2012

To Serve With LOVE

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Have you noticed preaching/news announcers, etc. pitch are at a different resonance than actors' dialogue in a drama. Well you may not if you don't sleep with the television on - so if you don't, let me share with you a bit of my world.

Dramas put me to sleep and preachers/news announcers wake me up. And it was no different this Sunday morning when I heard Dr. David Jeremiah talk about serving the Lord...

In his "Turning Point" sermon, he said and I paraphrase:

"Most people say they want to serve the Lord, until they find out serving the Lord means serving other people"~ Serving the Lord means serving PEOPLE.
I woke up laughing at the notion because I've chosen to serve people throughout my career and I can say in all honesty I don't blame those folks for running from service. Serving folks is not easy.

There is an art to serving and it is one that I struggle to perfect. Why, you may ask? Because serving people is an honor but there are some people who just refuse to let you serve them.

This became apparently clear on my last flight when my passenger, who happened to be physically challenged, struggled to get her bag in the overhead bin. I walked over to assist her and she all but gave me the hand. She told me she could do it herself. I then offered to stow her cane but she stopped me from doing that as well. Another passenger, a man, told me he was going to help her and I didn't have to. I walked away feeling a little bit worthless. I wanted to carry her load - but she said "No"...

"Humility", Dr. Jeremiah said. "You must have humility to serve another. You must be able to humble yourself to serve."
I ended up listening to the sermon to its completion but what I received was a lot different than what he sent , I think. It is now Monday morning and just like the name of sermon implied this was a turning point for me. I believe the universe will continue to put you in the same scenario until you learn the lesson. I hope I got it now because I'm a little weary of repeating this class. I'm so ready to move up. But I digress.
One of my pet peeves about serving certain passengers; is no one has ever taught them how to be served. This is one of the most frustrating parts of my job as a "stewardess". I'm patient and I hope they will simply follow my lead on how the service is to be performed but sometimes it turns into a battle. No one wants to be in service and fight with the one they want to serve.

Do you hear me women?

"No wants to be in service AND fight with the one they want to serve"

Many of us women have never been taught how to be served by our men. Men, on the other hand, grow up knowing they are to be in service to us women. I always thought no one could care for me like my daddy - especially when in first grade my boyfriend "Steven" offered to hold my school bags when "Vaughn" decided he needed to whip my ass after school. I guess I could have cut Steven some slack; we were still learning our societal roles. I didn't.  As far as I was concerned caring for me was my daddy's job.
"Responsibility", Dr. Jeremiah says "To be in service means to take responsibility"
Men take the lead. They guide us when we walk. They gently place their hands in the small of our back to show us they care. They seat us. They feed us. They protect us. If we are with really good men they even take care of our friends for us. They don't even have to like us to do this, it is almost instinctual.

So imagine when a man like this meets up with a woman who doesn't understand how to accept his service? She figuratively becomes like the physically-challenged woman passenger who is too proud to accept any assistance. After experiencing this event first hand I have to say it isn't pretty. In fact, it becomes an awkward situation for everyone witnessing it.

How many broken women are so used to doing everything themselves that when they meet with one of these men - they shut them down? "Icandoitmahdayumself" is the battle cry.

How many women don't believe they are worthy of service so they swat these men away like flies? These women don't even recognize the man is offering to care for them. Probably it's the very thing they wish for all their lives but believe they'll never get it. Instead, for these women, it's a set-up and if she believes it's a set-up, nucca is going down before he can get her first.
"Fidelity", "you must be faithful if you are to be in service", Dr. Jeremiah said.  
There were quite a few itys Dr. Jeremiah shared that goes into service - Ability; Accountability; Authority (you must serve under the authority of someone/thing,) Authenticity, fidelity, responsibility to name a few.

Although Dr. Jeremiah was preaching about being in service I was reminded of the woman who washed Jesus's feet with her tears and hair. While the Pharisees thought to ridicule the woman for they proclaimed she was a sinner - Jesus pointed out that even with all her sins she humbled herself and showed great love by her service moreso than anyone else in the room.

So many of us wonder if a man loves us or likes us even while he is showing us  he does in so many ways.  But some of us women miss it because we have never learned the most valuable lesson of service. One that I hope I will never forget again after my wakeup call Sunday Morning…

To serve with Love requires


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