Monday, May 28, 2012

A Date with G-D

Photo credit: Song of Songs (Solomon)
I was all set to write something I thought was profound until my HS algebra math "tutor" and cherished friend shared with me some words about two of our friends who recently wed...

He wrote:

"They’ve known each other since [for several decades] ... glad they finally found each other and connected on a higher level"

Prior to their wedding this past Saturday, I hadn't thought much about acquaintances/associates/friends connecting on a higher level.  Sure we hear of two people reconnecting at a high school reunion but how often do we hear of the two taking it to the altar?  Well let's just say I was a non-believer for it had not been my path.  I think I know why now.

I had a lunch date the other day that left me empty in some ways - not because of the company; he was beautiful (and I take full responsibility of my choices) but it just served as a mirror to what I feel internally. He met me back in 2009 and he literally found me in 2012 but the only time I felt engaged during the few hours we spent together was when the brother took my hand to say prayer and give thanks for our meal… It was then I felt a spark.  Then he let my hand go and we went back to our respective worlds during our lunch "together".

I realized there is nothing wrong with men I date or meet. There’s not a damn thing wrong with them; it is me (surprise, surprise).  As my tutor wrote - knowing a man through dating Q & A isn't the same as "connecting on a higher level". Not even sex can connect you on that higher level if a higher consciousness isn’t present.  And the only time in recent memory that I’ve brought my higher consciousness on a date; it was because this brother’s presence and his choices forced me to unpack my “3 and 1” carry-on. 

This is not to say some brothers don't try to Mack by sporting 'Jesus' or ‘Allah’ but I can see through that facade so easily. Men are of action and those who are not "walking their faiths” are nothing more than "wolf in sheep's clothing."  The brother that caused me to reveal my HC was intentional in his faith walk. 
And that brings me to what I originally meant to share (kinda).  Dating is a lot like going to church and reading the sacred texts (Bible, Qur’an) – you get to know of G-D and you hear “the rules” some people follow in hopes to make the right impression on G-D but it really doesn’t connect you to G-D…it only loosens you up mentally in hopes to get your mind right so that when you finally prepare to go to G-D in prayer and hold hands with G-D you will feel that spark. 

If you hold hands long enough it will ignite that eternal flame so that you may fall in LOVE with G-D, truly.   Yet so often so many of us let go G-D’s hand go too soon… and unfortunately when we do it is then we return to our respective worlds and for many of us – it is like walking alone. We stop trusting G-D will love us and provide for us because we’ve let go of our connection to The Source. 

So if you get the opportunity to hold hands with the DIVINE and you feel that spark…

Don’t let go…

 Don't Let Go ~En Vogue 

For as the Pastor intimated during the wedding ceremony - the couple first fell in love with their Creator, Christ and it served as a foundation for them to grow their love for each other. 


  1. love holding hands - its the bestest!

    1. Me too! Holding hands and hugging are my two favorite contact sports :D