Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fathers: A Daughter's First Love...

Photo Credit: Dad and Mom

My friend and Talented Musician, Ronin Ali asked: "Fathers, would you let your daughters date someone like you?" 

To be honest my parents never had a say as to who I dated – but I can’t say their relationship didn’t serve as a model – and my dad serve as a model of the men who would later parade in and out of my life. 

Therefore, I hope the dads answered “yes” because I believe us women inevitably become very comfortable with our father's quirks, characteristics and the way they love us.  

While we may not seek them out in when searching for our “love interests” I bet when we recognize our dad’s qualities  I believe a lot of us wrap ourselves up in that familiar "blanket of love" whether it be good-bad-or-indifferent. 

If you've read my novel "Sleeping with a D-Man" you already know my dad is the model by whom I judge all men… In fact, in the “D-Man” in the title when it relates to the heroine’s father – is Dead Man because the main character’s immediate mission is to find a love to replace the dad’s love that she’s just lost.

Photo Credit: Dad and Mom
My dad, in my opinion, was a modern-day superhero who in his words called me a "Star" and "a handful".   He was a spiritual man who came from an extremely humble background (Read: poor and at times living on the streets). He was the youngest in a family of 9 brothers and sisters yet he rose up to be savior of his family as he pulled himself up by the proverbial bootstraps got an education, served in the Viet Nam War, honorably discharged then briefly served in the US Postal Service until he landed his dream job as one of New York City’s Finest as  a New York City Police Officer.
My dad lived a life of service.  Not only did he provide, protect and love his family he made sure he could be a guiding force in the community – especially to young men in the inner city. He didn’t just talk about doing good in the hood – He DID it. My Dad was a man of action not lip service. He was passionate about civil rights, causes and politics – and at times he was outspoken – and yet could still be a gangsta.

Oh and much to my chagrin he loved the women… (my mom handled it –whew )yet he loved my mom from the time he was 10 years old – and told her then she would be his wife… he kept his word. 

Gosh, I love my dad!  My exes (fathers of my daughters) adore my mom – but I tell you if my dad was still alive it would be me and mom waiting up for them. Most likely my dad and my exes would’ve been somewhere together getting “tore up” and flirting with the women…

 "Pouring one out" for my Dad this Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

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