Friday, October 19, 2012

Lovers' Gyre...

Don Juan in Hell (Part 2)
There was this one episode of Frasier “Don Juan in Hell” - Part Two, where all his past loves come back to “haunt” him – sort of like “ghost of girlfriends past”– and he being at the crux of his journey they all seemed to come back to help him acknowledge the challenge/issue that he continues to repeat that dooms his relationships…

 I was thinking about my own gyre of past lovers Thursday evening as I was leaving the airport.  Then my ex-husband called.  His call reminded me that my past loves have been showing up in record numbers of late.  
I think they have something to tell me…
Have you ever noticed before you go through a paradigm shift… “ghosts” from your past visit?

Do you remember the lesson(s) they brought you? Were you able to move on with your life?
Aside: Ghosts teaching a lesson via visitation isn't a new concept.  I first read about in "A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  I’m starting to think maybe Charles Dickens didn’t have a great imagination but rather he just paid attention to life. 

Frasier finally learned what was preventing him from having a successful long term relationship... Once he understood his motivation for sabotaging his past relationships -  he was able to escape his personal gyre of lovers, move in front of it and into his future... (c) 2012 MH

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