Friday, January 11, 2013

Unattached. Detachment.Non-Attachment.

the all is one
“Want to know where your heart is; look to where your mind goes when it wanders” – Anonymous

My mind doesn't wander. It soars like a Golden Eagle until it spots its prey. My  choice morsel is a thought from the SOURCE.  

As the thought struggles to free itself from the grip of my talons, I squeeze a bit tighter.

This morning, in effort to get an answer, I decided to meditate.  I wanted to know where my heart was so I could consciously follow it.  

Trying to fight against my heart is a waste of time.  I seek to travel in one direction i.e., mind, body and soul. At least, that's my goal. 

Traditionalists say to meditate let your mind empty of thoughts – but instead I used the time to see what would pop into my mind so I could “hear” what my heart was “telling” me.

I “heard” a few things. 

One that caught my attention made me sad, which was telling in itself. It was, however, the perfect yin to the yang that resonated from a man (I’ll call “Sensei”) who stated, to paraphrase,  he was about push the turbo button on his life.  

One woman’s remarks indicated she fell for the illusion, grounded herself and was left delusional; whereas his remarks seem to reveal he had great insight into the true nature of existence. (Vipassana)
I only know one person who lives flying by the seat of her pants  and that’s me.  Yet, I feel as if I've yet to master my own lifestyle.   When I met him I thought “wow” – let me see what I can learn from him.

Wait some background first –

I believe “romance" is a poor substitution for intimacy.  Yet, from time to time I “fall” under the spell of delusion.  Then, I'm forced to snap myself out of it.

Yes, it's cute for us humans to romanticize our relationships but when we do we fall deeper into delusion.  As I read the saints, sages of antiquity; I understand now there's only one relationship and that is the one with Self. 
I believe in life-long learning.
Learning = awareness, awkwardness, application, assimilation, artistry.
I engage in relationships from the perspective of teacher-student: student-teacher.  As  one of the 19th century sages articulated:

“No man is your enemy; no man is your friend. All alike are you teachers. Your enemy becomes a mystery that must be solved even though it takes ages, for man must be understood. Your friend becomes a part of yourself an extension of yourself, a riddle hard to read; only one thing is more difficult to know is your own heart.” ~Mabel Collins 

I view all intimate relationships as a learning tool.  The curriculum, or course objective, I believe, is for us to remember our true nature. 
Those who come to the planet such as MLK,Jr;  Steve Jobs,  Malcolm X, Yeshua,  Siddhatta Gotama; you see where I’m going with this - they remembered their truth and got right to their business of greatness.   
The rest of us follow each other like sheep until we remember our courage to stand out.

(BTW, Sheep are quite intelligent.  Intellectually and intuitively, however,  they know they’re prey animals.  They stay together because standing out for them is certain death). 
 When, I saw “Sensei’s” remarks it resonated with me.  He was about to blast off into the ozone – but not with the intention of leaving “everything” behind – because there is no such animal.   You can’t leave behind what is within you.  What is within is LOVE.  We can't separate from it.  

“My Brother Lee used to sign off with "LOVE is LOVE" to me and everyone in his world. It was a message I couldn't quite comprehend. 
Then on one of my flights, Amir, an airplane mechanic, told me and another flight attendant –“to look into the nature of LOVE and understand it will drive you insane."
I agreed. LOVE is quite a force to reckon with and when you share it with another it will put you under a spell.  Therefore, in the presence of another, you must continuously keep your gaze on LOVE –for if you look away even for a second, the world around you will shatter.

LOVE is LOVE means that is all there is. LOVE is Truth.  
“By Jove, I think she’s got it.”

I "signed" up for his course with intention of learning something about detachment – but that wasn't quite the mark. 

The lesson is non-attachment and it is a concept that I already know. In fact, I know this lesson so well I can teach the course.  

I needed to view an example from a distance to see its application.  Often spending time in the "world" and witnessing a false dichotomy can cause one to fall under the spell of delusion.  

Non-attachment is not un-attachment.  Non-attachment isn't even detachment.  

It is non-attachment– and the theory is simple.   We are separate from no-thing.

So there's my answer.  
I am one with my mind, body, and heart. My mind doesn't wander it soars but I'm glad it returned to the DIVINE.  For I remember...

"the all is one" 

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