Wednesday, October 16, 2013


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The ego (I) gets a bad rap.

I'm all for strengthening a weak ego but ignoring it, trying to kill it, submerge it, starve it isn't the answer.

We, as Co-creators, have manifested this thing we now identify as the ego (I) in an effort to individuate in this dimension.  

The ego (I); which is the spirit helps us with our earthly mission and purpose. 

Your ego is a product, a creation, a spin off if you will, of the immortal soul, destroy it and you cease to exist in this realm.

You return to THE ONE and your mission is incomplete.

We made the ego real through incarnation and it starts off strong but through life experiences it can become weak.

Therefore, it is not your job to annihilate it, is your job to build it up if it’s beat down so you can get on with your life's mission.

How you do that is up to you, but do not be misled. Losing your Self is not an option –unless it is your mission to not exist. ~MH

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