Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ouroboros | I eat my own tail

I fly thru so many times zones; I have to leave notes on the nightstand telling me where I am, why I'm there and what day it is.

Living life in the future while simultaneously traipsing the past, resembles one in a fugue state. No meds needed, however, presence is the cure.

Or is it?

Looking to the future with hope and anticipation informs the present. While looking back promises a regret-filled hopelessness.

Tomorrow, we say; tomorrow it will be better.  Like a dog chasing her tail, it eludes us.  Maybe I'll eat better, exercise more; pick up the fight for a cause.

What to-do gets done to-day?  What did tomorrow bring, anyway?  Was it more of the same?  Round and round the clock we go, yet we always end up back at the one.

Maybe it's true, I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of my end.

Walking towards the future, back-pedaling the past; standing in the present. All articles, yet nothing here last. 

I snap out of it. Wake up to find my note. I'm not further than when I started.  

I am nowhere except, that is, Now Here.

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