Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Power in Your Thoughts

Morning Meditation

God already gave you the power to make or break your life.  

Your magic is in your breath, your tongue, your mind. 

With those three things you can manifest all of creation - even your own demise.  

Aspire :  from the Latin aspirare from Ad- 'to' + spirare  'breathe.'
Breathe life 

If you'd look to the power of your own mind rather than thinking, blaming, thanking, God as responsible for that touchdown or other fortuitous event - or when unfortunate events take place; you'd take your intuitive power seriously.

You'd take care when thinking your thoughts, speaking your words while breathing life into the very things you do not want.

Breathe life into your passion

 Focus on your desires and the fun, the joy those things will bring to your world.

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